Change – In Actio – Lituania – Martie 2010

CDCD partener în Change – Tineret în Acțiune – Acțiunea 1.1 –

Vinlius, Lituania – Organizație gazdă – /

Change” or exChage or Change-Exchange was an international youth exchange that was held in the spring of 2010 from 13th to 22nd of March in Vilnius, Lithuania. The participants from Latvia, Romania, Portugal, Poland and, of course, Lithuania, lived together for more then a week. They exchanged the more or less known jokes about other nations, discussed the tolerance to foreigners, various forms of discrimination, active citizenship and the possible ways to participate in the decision making and many other things that you can find in the website of the project where the participants wrote their diary. A lot of emphasis was put on the intercultural exchange which usually happened even unnoticed. All the talks were followed by the work as well. While working in the international groups, six short movies were created. And that’s not all. As a form of participation in the community life, we performed several street actions with that we wanted to say that it’s not necessary to be serious all the time, that in some situations it’s better to be creative and to overcome different prejudices we have. The project was supported by Youth in Action which is financed by European Commission – Youth in Action – Action 1.1

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