Disaster Awareness Workshop in Gaziantep

The University of Gaziantep gave us the opportunity to enlarge our perspective on what Disaster Awareness means from the simple citizen’s point of view. Through this Workshop, we had the chance to see how can we, as simple untrained people, can deal with disaster situations by helping us and also helping the people close to us.

About the schedule of the Workshop, we can say that the best part were the simulations and the exercises we took part in, culminating with the Search and Rescue Simulation together with the AKUT team. Also, the trips organized were very beautiful and gave us the chance to see the marvels of the Turkish magnificent culture.

But the best part of this project was, without a doubt, the people we met, starting from the organizers (which were great to us) and continuing with the other participants from the other countries. We all shared a great experience together thanks to the university of Gaziantep.

Mirela Chebac & Ionut Balas
Center for Sustainable Community Development – Romania

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