7 – 11 February 2013 – “Conflict Resolution Meeting”, AEGEE Baki


Conflict Resolution Meeting was en event aiming at young Europeans to come together and discuss conflicts in Caucasus region; both from a cultural, as well as from a regional point of view.
The meeting took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, the largest city on the Caspian Sea and of the Caucasian region. A beautiful location, Baku being a city with a strong cultural and religious imprint on its history, covered with a veil of modern architecture and cosmopolitanism.
Participants from all over Europe and Caucasus were given the possibility to discuss and learn about Nagorno-Karabakh situation, Georgian–Ossetian conflict, Israeli – Palestinian conflict and many more. Off topic, it was an event overflowing with passionate youngsters determined to spread awareness, promote peace, and make a difference in this world.
Four interactive days, lots of topics to discuss, many people to get to know better, loads of new things to learn, a beautiful city to explore and not enough time to do everything.
Baku is yet vivid in my mind and has left joyful memories, thanks to all the people I have met there.
Thanks AEGGE Baki for making this meeting possible and for giving me the possibility to attend this wonderful event.
CSCD – Center for Sustainable Community Development was glad to take part in this event. It has been an awesome and unforgettable experience.
Warmest regards from Bucharest!!
Roxana Olteanu – CSCD Volunteer

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