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– The Association – Center for Sustainable Community Development (CSCD) is an apolitical, autonomous, non-profit and non-governmental association, working as an informal group since 2008 and being officially legislated in 2010.

Calea Craiovei, 71, Giubega, Dolj, 207290 Romania, tel: +40741075409

The aim of the association – developing and implementing cultural, artistic and educational  activities aiming at community development and also contributing to the social and personal development of its main target group – the youngsters from the rural and urban areas, youngsters with fewer opportunities and the isolated communities – providing capacity building support.

(1)   CSCD Objectives:

General Objectives:

  1. Providing humanitarian help for the children and youngsters with special needs.
  2. Creating and providing better conditions for the youngsters and children with special social needs or challenged youngsters.
  3. Social and school reinsertion for the youngsters and children coming from difficult socio – economic background.
  4. Information and support guaranteeing human rights and social protection for the groups in need.
  5. Promoting and supporting the equal opportunities concept and active communitarian participation.
  6. Developing and implementing programmes for youngsters with special needs.
  7. Supporting adults in their professional reinsertion process.
  8. Implementing local, national and international projects aiming at providing better opportunities for its target group.
  9. Support for the cultural, artistic and creative activities in the working communities.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Identifying and supporting the cases – youngsters and children with special needs – from orphanages, hospitals, mono- parental families and families facing socio-economic problems.
  2. Developing and implementing educational and support programmes for the youngsters from the rural and urban areas.
  3. Educational counseling for the target group.
  4. Supporting gifted children with fewer opportunities – independent to their talents.
  5. Establishing partnerships with associations, networks and organizations with the same profile – national and international actors.
  6. Implementing activities and services aiming at improving the financial sustainability of the association.
  7. Developing and implementing national, local and European programmes and projects.

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