Selecție participanți curs de formare în Lituania

euflagprogryiaro-01Centrul pentru Devoltare Comunitară Durabilă recrutează 4 participanți pentru un curs de formare (training course) – Elektrėnai, Lituania. Cursul de formare este finanțat prin programul Tineret în Acțiune – Acțiunea 3.1 B și este implementat în perioada 8-16 februarie 2013.
Descrierea cursului:
Training course: “O SOLO MIO! Individual youth work 4 inclusion” willgather 24 participants from Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Lithuania, Romania and Portugal. The project aims to develop individual youth work competence of youth leaders and youth workers to ensure better quality in Youth in Action projects. During the training course space will be created to develop skills, attitudes, and gain knowledge needed to work with youth individually: coaching youth initiatives, mentoring EVS projects, guiding youth in their professional or educational path. Development of individual youth work competence is one more step in the process of profesionalization of youth work and ensuring better quality in YiA projects, cooperation in the Eastern window. The course will provide competence of counseling to youth workers who on their
daily basis are working with youth who have challenges. Moreover, it will help to increase the practice of long term youth work, bringing sustainable changes to youth with fewer opportunities, empowering them to take responsibility on their professionals and educational paths. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from each other sharing practical situations of individual youth work in their reality and best practices, at the stop trying to use the gained competencies.
Pentru informații privind condițiile de participare:

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